Tips and Guides when hiking

Now a day, Hiking is one of the hip to-do list when you want to spend your weekend away from civilization. Aside from you get tons of appealing nature photos for your instagram and awesome profile picture to use in your facebook. This activity isn’t just your ordinary outdoor getaway.

I could still remember the out of the blue decision I made when climbing Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines and my first major trek in my entire life! For safety advice? Trekking these kind of mountain or any major climb isn’t just a walk in the park, especially not a fast-paced decision to grab when you’re doubting yourself nor not physically fit. It is always best to put in mind, that our safety should be the priority on the list. Going into the woods, mean we carry ourselves along the journey.

I am not an expert but I enjoy doing this kind of activity. So why not fill in those cups, yea? 🙂

Tips, guides, and things I learned when hiking.

  • Excercise beforehand – If you haven’t trekked for a while, you know the drill. Stretch and strengthen those muscles up and start training! But if you’re a first timer or sedentary, I suggest to go running every day in a month or a week before the climb. Give yourself a time to have a proper exercise for 2-3hours everyday or every other day. You’ll be surprised at the results!
  • Packing Things – Remember to pack light, but not too light that you almost forgot to bring what you need! I personally don’t place my things in my bag first though. I always put an open trash bag in my bag and organize my stuff inside the trash bag. This would save your stuff when it rains even if you already have the rain cover. Plus! It would be easy to pull out your things when you get home! 😉

It looks like this:

My lil minion says, Hi! 😀

PS. Don’t forget to ziplock your gadgets and important things! 🙂

  • The essentials – Bring the stuff that you will need. For the girls, not your whole wardrobe and not your make-up kits. We’re going into the woods not to a fashion show. But if you’re conscious, wear proper outdoor attire that would make you feel comfortable. I suggest to check pinterest.

Here’s the list of my essenstials.

– Tent
– Earthpad
– Sleeping Bag
– Thermal Pad
– Rain Jacket
– Fleece Jacket or any jacket that would warm you in your sleep.
– Fleece Pants or any pants that would warm you in your sleep.
– Socks
– Nalgene
– Slipper or Trek Sandal
– Headlamp
– Extra drifit shirt, sleeveless shirt, sportsbra, and undies
– Wet Wipes, Toothbrush, Alcohol
– Trashbag and ziplocks
– Gummy Worms and Jelly Ace *My favorite Trail Food* haha! plus powdered Milk. LOL.
– Cookset and burner? Uh? It depends!

  • Leave No Trace – As a responsible traveler, mountaineer, wannabe’s, etc. Always put CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) in your mind. Don’t throw your trail food cover/waste along the trail. And, never ever leave your trash on your campsite. Always have an extra garbage cellophane in your bag for your trash. We don’t just go out there to have fun, to take photos, and be irresponsible. The forest has life and various life forms are living in it. Respect it.
  • Porter – Hiring a porter is always up to you. But, always remember the porter has a weight limit to carry. Even they know the trail well and how fast they are, we don’t want to take advantage of their way of living. At the end of the day, they are still human. 😉
  • Water source – Always save your water. Don’t be a camel when you get thirsty unless the water source is just in front of you. You can ask your guide where and how far the water source is. By this, you could estimate your water intake.
  • Check the Weather – Remember to check the weather forecast in your scheduled hike. Our safety is the most priority on the list. And, We don’t want to go hiking unprepared, don’t we?
  • Have fun – Enjoy the trail and every moment you have. Walk fast to reach your goal, but slow enough to see the beauty of the view. Be hassle-free and jive in with the people around you. 😉

Again, I am not an expert at this. And, these are my ways whenever I go trekking. If you have anything against with it or anything you would want to share, feel free to comment down below. 🙂

xx. Jen


Jen, 20-something ツ An aspiring wanderer from Davao, Philippines. Longing for the sound of the waves, the breeze of the ocean and solemnly hears the mountain’s whisper at night. 🌟

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