Love over Career, Career over love

These past few days, I’ve been thinking about love and career. whether to write about it or not.

When I was scrolling my facebook newsfeed, I saw one of my friend’s post about..

“Choice A. Love over Career
Choice B. Career over love

And I always want to choose A.”

That stopped me for a moment and I left a comment saying “would I be selfish if I choose B?” she said, “No, of course not.”

But some part of me says, I am. And the rest is a puzzle. Every person has reasons and the right reason, whether they choose a career or love.

Now, Let me ought what I think about this.

We all have our story to tell, whatever that is, our decisions in our present and the plans we have for our future comes from a root – our past, our experiences.

Some chooses career over love not because they don’t know what love is nor selfish. In fact, I believe they’re the people who have loved and have been in love, over and over again. Made mistakes, not few, but a lot of mistakes. And sometimes, those mistakes loops. Been broken, but chooses to pick up the pieces left. Been crushed, but chooses to break through. Fell, but chooses to stood up and go on with life. And, what’s startling? Part of them still believe in love.

Choosing a career is one way of saying, I want to mold myself and be better. I’ve lost almost everything, it’s time to go beyond the comfort zone, to explore, to know, and love myself deeply than anyone else.

Others, just chose a career not because they failed in love but see greater opportunity on this.

As we grow ourselves to something we never imagined we are capable of, we fall to the idea of I can be on my own. We became the whole person. But, love comes when we least expect it. And, when love arrives, it’s not about having your other half because you know for yourself, you are whole. It’s about two complete beings are bound to change and shake their lives together. Magic happens because love moves in mysterious ways.

But human as we are, choosing love over shaping a career first, doesn’t mean they cared for themselves less. Truth is, they care so much that they are willing to give space for their love one.

Life is a game, a fun game. And, it’s more interesting when it is shared. Both, work hard to keep their head in the game. Pursuit, when one is waning. Motivates, when ones’ fire is fading.

We mirror and grow ourselves learning two is better than one. For in some ways, we are blessed that our so-called-other-half is with us and helped us to be a whole being.

xx. Jen


Jen, 20-something ツ An aspiring wanderer from Davao, Philippines. Longing for the sound of the waves, the breeze of the ocean and solemnly hears the mountain’s whisper at night. 🌟

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