About Me

About Me

Ola Amigos! Welcome to my blog. ツ

Live, Be Happy, and do the Locomotion!~

My name is Jen. I am a goer and wants to experience life in different ways, it’s food for our soul.

I started blogging 7-years ago and previously owned various of blogs, a nomad blogger perhaps! An On and Off author on this kind of spree.

We all know starting a blog and having a domain name is one of the major decisions to make. And, you might be wondering why Blissfuldrift? Ever since; I am in-love with the idea of traveling. I am at my happiest point whenever I go to places I have/haven’t been to.

Blissful – Extremely happy; full of joy. Having extreme happiness to a certain moment or a time.

Drift – Verb. To be carried slowly by a current of air or water. Noun. A movement from one place to another.

On the other hand, traveling is defined as moving to one place to another, a journey, a trip.

Now, I’m making a pledge to myself and taking a huge step to roll this new home to something fun and venturesome. I desire to know and understand life from a different perspective up to the differences of a culture and extend my hands to something beyond. I am an aspiring wanderer who longs for the sound of the waves and the breeze of the ocean and solemnly hears the mountain’s whisper at night.

I am a huge fan of an Indie-Pop Music. Walk Off the Earth is one in the list! Acoustic versions, Reggae, and EDM. Matcha Green Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea are my dine-in-to-go tea lattes! and when all else fails, White Chocolate Mocha with Peppermint should definitely save me! 😉

To grammar police,

I am only human! My English grammar is an utter blot. I sometimes get confuse with the right usage of prepositions, Oxford commas, semicolons, and so on. Just be straight and feel free to correct me. Thank you! 😉

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